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Ibstock Place School

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Wishingitwasover Fri 13-Sep-19 13:26:52

My dc would love to go to IPS but I heard it’s getting harder to get into? Any top tips or words of wisdom from those who have sat the exam in recent years?

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WhatMeghanWants Fri 13-Sep-19 14:04:02

Hi - we're in the same boat, so watching with interest. Good luck!

cakeisalwaystheanswer Sat 14-Sep-19 08:20:01

At the open day you should ask about the GCSE English results, they swapped boards and the 9-7 results halved this year. Depite this they made no change to their points tariff to stay on for 6th form and a few DCs just missed out and were forced to go elsewhere.

Expo Sat 14-Sep-19 18:51:10

My DS and DD have recently say the exam. One got in and the other was waitlisted. They do a preliminary exam on a computer so make sure your child can use a mouse effectively. Apparently it is difficult to finish - I guess they are testing speed. Then they have an interview and I have to say out of all the interviews they had (KGS, PHS) this was the one with the most out there questions eg describe this painting/stone etc. Then they had standard maths and English. Who knows there!!! It was definitely the back up school still for KGS, PHS, SHS, WHS etc when we did the test.

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