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Teachers - when do you find out GCSE results?

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HeyThereSummerRain Tue 13-Aug-19 10:56:36

I have a vague memory of maybe last year a teacher saying they logged on early on the morning of results day for their students but I can't find the thread it was in.

My son will collect his results at 10am, when do you find out?

Can you only see your classes results or a particular child's entire results? If you know someone was worried about passing and they passed do you watch out for their reaction on the day or is it all too chaotic to see individuals open their results?

Just curious really as to how it all works. Ds is my PFB so I have never been through this before. For my own GCSEs my parents took me on holiday so I never had the experience of collecting my own results with my friends. It was the only time my Dad could take off work. sad

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BoneyBackJefferson Tue 13-Aug-19 11:01:46

The school get them the day before so they can sort out the envelopes etc.

Teachers can log on to the various exam board websites from about 6 am if they have access.

Some teachers won't know till they get in to school and access the school internal system and get them from there.

I don't actually know if I can see all the school's entries from my logon I have never tried but I get all of the pupil's results through the school's system when I go in.

CraftyGin Tue 13-Aug-19 11:07:56

The head teacher and exams officer get them on Wednesday. Other teachers get them the same time as the students.

I logged on to Edexcel Results Plus at 6am on the Thursday to get my students’ results.

CalamityJune Tue 13-Aug-19 11:09:35

Yes, the senior team will have them the day before but they are embargoed. Classroom teachers won't know them until results day

Fallulah Tue 13-Aug-19 11:13:58

They come in the day before but are kept very secure.
We teachers can log on to see the results from about 6am on results day. The system we use lets us see the whole year group.
We go in to school and I do keep an eye out for those who will need support or have done particularly well.
They don’t realise I feel just as nervous as them the night before!

HeyThereSummerRain Tue 13-Aug-19 11:22:03

Excellent, thank you for that. I know for the teachers it must be as nerve wracking as for the children.

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