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Sydenham Girls uniform. only from wearabouts??

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Megan70 Mon 24-Jun-19 10:45:06

DD is starting in Sydenham Girls next year. I got a full list of the uniform from the school. It seems that EVERYTHING MUST be bought from wearabouts in Sydenham, (including the PE kit and even the school backpack!!!). I have been told that there used to be sales of school uniform some years back in Sydenham school, but not sure if this is still happening.

Some years ago I started buying her primary school uniform at wearabouts, I found it really expensive and not necessarily better quality, so I changed to just buy it at other retailers, (Sainsbury's, lidl, aldi, have good stock).
I guess that it's not the same when it comes to secondary school uniform and also each school would have different rules. So if your daughter is going to Sydenham Girls I would really would like to hear where you normally get the uniform from, only wearabouts, second hand, alternative retailer?. I am just trying to avoid a shocking bill (they go so quick through their uniform....)

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Ohnononono Wed 26-Jun-19 22:47:44

You can only get it from I’m afraid, most of it has logos or a specific design.
The shirts are a blue revere collar which most supermarkets don’t sell, I looked around for other stockists but didn’t find any cheaper ones elsewhere (I think it was about £12 for 2 shirts).

Whilst it does seem a large initial outlay it has lasted all year, and I have only replaced parts of the uniform as she has outgrown it. The blazer and PE kit have lasted two years already. The other clothes are still wearable but too small so I will keep them for my younger daughter. Considering the uniform is worn 5 days a week I think that’s pretty good, I have definitely spent less on other clothes now she is in uniform.

There is a Sydenham parents Facebook group you could join as there has been discussions on there about possible uniform sales. The reason the sales haven’t happened recently is that this uniform was only introduced 2 years ago so the girls are still wearing it!

Ohnononono Wed 26-Jun-19 22:55:17

PS if you are wondering why they insist on their own school backpack, see the thread further down ‘coolest backpack for a secondary school girl’....... this explains why they bring these rules in!!! The Hype backpacks someone recommends are much more expensive than the school logo ones from Wearabouts. My son’s school allows them to bring their own choice of backpack and I honestly wish they didn’t! It’s an extra thing for me to have to worry/think about.

minisnowballs Thu 27-Jun-19 07:08:42

Yes, only from wearabouts. It has lasted all year though and I think the backpack is very good and sensible- the orthopaedic one. You can buy the shirts elsewhere (though they were no cheaper and they are particular about the collars so it is honestly easier to get wearabouts ones) and the socks. We bought shoes elsewhere too- they had a deal but kickers didn’t fit dd.
Price list on the Facebook group. Dd uses all the pe kit including hoodie - you don’t need pe bag, or scarf!

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