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Highlands school

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malmontar Sat 04-May-19 08:58:09

I don’t have personal experience there as it was a bit far for us but I know people appealing and others who would sell their soul for a place so I would say count yourself very fortunate to have a place. Their facilities are amazing and so is the SEN- your child may not have this need but its a good reflection of the school as a whole if their SEN provision is good, it’s normally the last thing to get funded.

Foxo Sat 04-May-19 06:35:52

Highlands school in Enfield EN2

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Foxo Sat 04-May-19 06:34:30

Thank you

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Foxo Sat 04-May-19 06:34:02

Do you have a child at Highlands and what do you think if it? We have been given a place for our daughter looking for positives and negatives.... quality of teaching, behaviour, sport, music, bullying etc? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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