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I'm clueless

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WeMarchOn Fri 01-Mar-19 21:00:52


My daughter was accepted in her first choice secondary today, as she is my oldest I haven't got a clue what i need to buy other than uniform, I'm talking stationary, calculators, files, dictionaries etc
Can anyone advise?

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Bekabeech Fri 01-Mar-19 21:04:53

Don't panic, at some time in the summer term there will be a meeting where they will tell you what to buy (including the right calculator). There will also be visits for your DD and you.

My top tip is buy some click lid type food storage containers for carrying cooking ingredients, some may be liquid.

Janleverton Fri 01-Mar-19 21:05:15

Wait until induction day or after. The school sill let your know, will probably have a prospective year 7 parents meeting or other contact before starting.

Dd and ds (different schools) needed:

Scientific calculator
Glue sticks
Red/green/black writing pen
Colouring pencils and pens
USB stick (I got a key ring one)
Lots of sticky clear film stuff that you can use to cover exercise book to make them stronger and shiny. First homework’s were often decorating and then covering exercise books.

Janleverton Fri 01-Mar-19 21:06:58

Pencil, ruler pencil, sharpener, rubber, maths set (protractor and compass)

RedSkyLastNight Fri 01-Mar-19 22:03:50

Seriously don't rely on randoms on the internet, but wait for guidance from your school or ask existing school parents. There's a fair few things already mentioned on here that aren't needed at DCs' school, for example.

HotpotLawyer Sat 02-Mar-19 02:26:22

First: accept the offer!
Then wait.
In due course the school will send you a letter with info about the process from now on, and a uniform and kit list.
This might take a while.

Hollowvictory Sat 02-Mar-19 07:21:01

Your child doesn't start for 6 months.
Sch will tell you what you need but they won't be sending you a list the day after offers have been made!

WeMarchOn Sat 02-Mar-19 08:13:13

Thanks all, situations like this i get high anxiety and have to get everything clear in my head

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Seeline Sat 02-Mar-19 08:20:53

What you can start doing is working on her independence.
Get her into the habit of packing her school bag each night after she has checked what she needs for the next day - PE kit, homework etc
Get her into the habit of doing any homework straight away rather than leaving it to the last minute
Get her used to going places in her own- can she walk to/from her current school? Send her to local shop for something, or the post box. Work out how she will get to her new school and start doing some practice runs with her. Over the summer holidays let her do it on her own.

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