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St Edward’s Oxford- anyone have a child with dyslexia there?

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KipsyB Thu 28-Feb-19 14:38:45

I’d really appreciate some info with anyone at Teddies whose DS or DD is dyslexic. How does the school support them in the absence of a learning support department? Do you think your child is well looked after? Can they keep up and cope? From reading the 2014 and 2018 inspection reports, I noticed that there used to be more children with SEND back in 2014 (194 in 2014 compared with 67 in 2018) and that there used to be a learning support dept.

My DS is very dylesci but bright. Teddies haven’t sent their offers out yet but, should he receive an offer, who should I ask to speak to at the school in the absence of a SENCO?

Many thanks in advance. Any info hugely appreciated.

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LyingInAFieldOfDaffodils Thu 28-Feb-19 19:52:14

I would also be interested. There is a SENCO though as we have spoken to her - Debra Clayphan? They have a learning development centre which only has 2 people and talk about embedding in the teaching? I would like to understand how far this goes.

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