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The Godolphin School (Salisbury)

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Cuihair Sat 23-Feb-19 12:04:57


This is a help-seeking from overseas. My daughter is applying for a place of an independent and boarding school in UK

Agent suggested the Godolphin school (girls). someone knows about the school?

Are the school academic? Are teachers more responsible?Are pupils happy? Would the school not be empty or almost empty at the boarding by weekend? ......something else! Please tell me if you know anything!

Thank you very much!

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Cuihair Sat 23-Feb-19 12:13:07

My daughter will go into year 10.

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pesa Wed 01-May-19 13:49:17

My daughter is a pupil at Godolphin and seems to be very happy there. She is a day girl but I think she probably misses out a bit, there's a thriving boarding community and plenty of weekend activities, many stay in but there are flexiboarders who go home too. The school is academic without being a hothouse, I think they are very well prepared for exams and Godolphin was awarded SW independent school of the year which I think was mainly awarded for academic progress/value added. But I don't think they burn out, or feel huge pressure to achieve, they are just supported and encouraged to achieve their potential. Teachers are generally excellent, as in all schools there are one or two who aren't so great from general consensus (my daughter chose not to do one subject at GCSE - one she used to really enjoy - because of the teacher sadly. But she's happy with her choices and has no regrets). Pupils are happy from what I see, and I think it's a school that's bucking the trend, pupil numbers seem to be going up. It's got a particularly strong and inspiring art department, sport is well catered for with an emphasis on lacrosse but they also cover hockey, netball, athletics, swimming, cross country, equestrian, tennis and there are clubs in other sports like judo. There's also a popular CCF group, and opportunities in DoE, Ten Tors, music groups/concerts, and various out of school clubs. I hope that helps.

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