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Croydon high vs Old Palace 2019

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lovepathanalysis Thu 14-Feb-19 14:35:57

Thanks for posting this Suj2008.
I also have the same dilemma. DD got a scholarship (not much) to OP and also got a fee paying offer from CHS. She also has passed 11 plus but we are keen on private education. We are ok to afford both but my gut feeling at OP was not good. Didn't like the location despite the buildings; even the website is so old-fashioned. Get the feeling that the school is not forward thinking. Met the new headteacher who appeared promising; coming from Wallington grammar, hopefully the science side of education may improve. I find for sciences at both schools do not show good results (ie-med school entry-only 3 from OP last year), whereas grammar has higher number of qualifiers. We literally live 2 mins walk from CHS and love the area very much but again it is not performing academically as well as Caterham/Wimbledon. For the grammar we will have to relocate, tagging along a 8 year old DD too.

As someone who benefited from an all rounded education, I do not want a too academic school for my multi-talented girl and that is why I have strayed away from grammar to some extent although it is not completely out at the moment. I just want her to feel comfortable and love what she does. My daughter is arty and sporty but not too forward. She is academically capable and so would thrive in both grammar and Indie. We are not familiar with the UK education system as both of us are professional immigrants, so struggling to find the fine balance between academia and healthy mental development at the right school.

Sorry for the very detailed message but I have thought through this so much, I am completely out of steam now. Any help/advice/experience of CHS/OP would be much appreciated.

Seeline Mon 04-Feb-19 16:21:17

Many of the Indies don't come up the league tables because they do some/all iGCSEs, which don't count in the government tables (although are readily accepted by colleges and unis.
Each school web site will give you the actual pass rates etc.
My DD is at CHS and we are very happy with it.
OP are getting a new head after many years with the old one so could be looking forward to changes.

Suj2008 Sun 03-Feb-19 22:00:12

Well one of the problems is most of independent schools doesn’t come up in school league tables. So confused and feel like I am comparing apples to oranges !

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MaWithAmbition Sun 03-Feb-19 19:42:57

I wouid compare the school league tables of these schools for starters - if only as a guideline. I would also compare the financial constraints - if applicable. If you have been offered places at the indies with the support of a scholarship and / or bursaries - then it’s a level playing field if money is no object. Otherwise you might need to consider the financial burden of accepting a place at CHS or OP. Last - but certainly not least - your instincts and those of your DD when considering which school is the best fit. From my own personal experience this was is really important and instincts are usually right. Good luck with with your choices. I am sure your DD is extremely talented and any school will be lucky to have her as a pupil.

Suj2008 Sun 03-Feb-19 17:43:55

Hi All,

We are based in Croydon area and want your thoughts on :
A) Private vs state secondary school
B) feedback from mums who have experiences between Croydon high and old palace

A) my DD has got through entrance from riddlesdown and may be offered place with riddles down or Combe wood state school. However confused if we should choose private over riddlesdown.

B) She also has got offers from Croydon high and Old palace. Which one is better and pros and cons of each school. What’s the recent reviews of both school- such a confusing decision ! We been to open days and like both but can’t make up mind on preference ! Which of these private school is better than other?

Many Thanks..

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