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Radnor or st catherine's?

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Putneypa Sun 03-Feb-19 15:19:49

We our considering both schools for our DD for 11+ 2020. Both seem to attract a similar demographic ('normal' not overly academic kids who might thrive in a smaller environment) and I was just wondering what made one 'better' than the other? For example, Radnor doesn't seem to get as good exam results but maybe that's just because it's newer and both have new(ish) heads who might be steering them in new directions? Any insights would be gratefully received!

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Lunawoods Sun 03-Feb-19 16:59:29

I have a friend whose DD sat both got both and ended up at St Catherine's as she got a scholarship, she said both are lovely schools but the scholarship swung it! Came from a local prep . They are very happy with St Catherine s .

littlemisslucky2 Sun 03-Feb-19 18:28:13

We visited both as options for my DD and decided to sit for St Catherine’s as we preferred the feel of the school which seems so friendly and nurturing. I have friends with children at both schools and all seem very happy with their choice. I think academically they are on par so guess it depends which you prefer and whether you prefer mixed or single sex. St Catherine’s also has a Catholic ethos and all girls sit RS GCSE and must attend mass several times a year with the school. This might put some people of applying but it seems very inclusive. Both schools are getting more popular in recent years and 180 sat St Catherine’s this year at 11+ for about 70 places (of which some come from the juniors).

littlemisslucky2 Sun 03-Feb-19 18:31:02

St Catherine’s also has a swimming pool but I think both schools use St Mary’s College Sports Grounds for their sport which is just down the road.

lovekew Sat 16-Feb-19 23:53:54

Depends if you are committed to girls or happy to try co-Ed! I've just posted this similar comment about Radnor on a different post in case it helps:
I have a DC at Radnor - they have gone from strength to strength and we have been exceptionally happy there. Good solid GCSE and A Level results this year with over 50% a*a at GCSE and 100% pass at A Level - ranked in top 5% nationally for value added at A level as well. A good mix of normal kids who seem really happy and supported. Teachers are enthusiastic and great parent communication - a broad and accessible academic enrichment program and fab sports facilities - rowing is a big sport being on the river and they use St Mary's university sports grounds and from September have announced a new partnership with TeddingtonCC. I've heard that entry was competitive this year - but don't know how it's planned out.

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