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Henry B in Winchester

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TeenTimesTwo Tue 11-Sep-18 12:51:34

Does it produce the least number of high achievers, or just have fewer higher achievers applying to join in y7 so lo and behold they aren't there at the end of y11 either? i.e. Self selection by parents/pupils in y6.

I have a good friend whose highly able DC went through HB recently (just started 2nd year at PS).
1) They were clearly able to get the best out of the DC as they left with near perfect results.
2) Friend felt that HB was less good at prepping for controlled assessments than they heard happening at Kings and Westgate, but CAs have now mainly gone, so now thinking that HB results may improve if anything in comparison.
3) Some indication that Westgate didn't push DC properly in y11 - expectations on work levels set too low
4) Good pastoral care in general and good for those with SpLD
5) Does Kings still stream (rather than set) straight away?

Biodome Mon 10-Sep-18 22:47:22

Hello! Can you share opinion on how Henry B is doing currently compared to the other two secondary schools in Winch? I hear it has gotten better academically in the past few years and even though it still appears to produce the least number of high achievers from the three schools in town, appears to be on the way upwards? Does it have any advantages that the others don't? F.e. better extracurricular activities choice, or less bullying, better music/drama profile, etc?
We live right by Henry Beaufort and DS will be able to walk right in. However I still wonder if it would not be good to try for Kings or Westgate, even if we have small chance to fight off the catchment area kids for those two.

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