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School refuses to disclose waiting list position

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BoorishJohnson Tue 10-Jul-18 23:24:16

Any admissions experts out there such as @tiggy? My friend speaks very little English and has applied for a space at a London secondary school for her son. It’s an academy so is its own admissions authority. She is just outside the ‘usual’ catchment which varies slightly each year. However she does look to be within striking distance of being in a good spot on the waiting list. (She is about 600 metres too far though this is London...) The school is flatly refusing to say where she is ranked on that waiting list. My friend is very keen to move house (rogue landlord) but her whole life is in limbo until she knows whether she has a realistic chance of getting into this school. The local authority refuses to get involved as it is an academy. How can we find out where she is on the waiting list? We have missed the appeals deadline. I am really worried for her as she speaks so little English and there is a risk her son will fall behind as she has no time to home school.

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typoqueen Wed 11-Jul-18 13:10:17

i think im right is saying she has to contact the LEA not the school for position on waiting list.

admission Wed 11-Jul-18 22:57:18

The LA is formally responsible for admissions and waiting lists until december 31st 2018. However different LAs do handle the waiting lists quite differently and it is quite possible that this LA may have an arrangement where they expect the academy to handle waiting lists. However any official offer of a place will come from the LA. Either way the LA should be prepared to indicate where somebody is on the waiting list providing that they are sure they are talking to the person concerned.
If I am honest 600m outside the "usual catchment" in London could mean anything. It could mean that there are 100+ names on the waiting list above them, given the density of population in many parts of London or it could be you are the only person on the waiting list.

ScrubTheDecks Fri 13-Jul-18 07:09:30

600m is a long way in London. If she moved now on to the doorstep of the school she will go up the waiting list.

It isn’t a school that used s lottery, is it? They can’t tell you as they have to do a new draw fur each place that comes up.

Lenazayka Wed 18-Jul-18 09:58:26

It took 1.5 year to transfer our child. The academy( outside of catchment, outstanding, oversubscribed, high exam results, 98% of happy parents, amazing facilities) also refused to say where we are in their waiting list because school has a different status. Your friend will need to show very strong circumstances to get into that school. We have been topped up after the third letter only. The letter with words like - because the school is high ranked, will not work.

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