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Change of uniform dilemma

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Jolimummy Wed 27-Jun-18 00:51:37

My son started year 7 in a non religious school in September 2017 called Ealingfields in the Esling borough. The school has now been taken over by a Church of England trust (Twyford) and they have decided without consulting any parents or students to change the school uniform. The blazer will now have a cross embroided on as well as the new PE kit. In a recent meeting they confirmed that the school is still non religious and that the admission criteria stays unchanged. Most of the school is not CoE or even Christian. I found it really disrespectful that they expect children if a different faith or no faith at all to start wearing a blazer with a cross embossed on. Most of us chose that school because it was non religious but I feel we are being bullied into something we had no saying into. What could we as parents do? I have heard many other parents venting their frustration. Many have said they will leave the school but I feel this is not right. How can 4 Governors decide for a whole school when probably 70% or maybe more of the pupils are not CoE? I need some direction on what to do next please. Thanks

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bramblina Wed 27-Jun-18 00:54:46

I understand they need to consult with parents.
I think you should contact the parent council or pta.
If they aren't providing it I dontbthink they cane make the children wear it.

MaisyPops Wed 27-Jun-18 06:44:21

It sounds like they are on shaky ground here. I always thought there had to be parental consultation

And even aside from legalities, that seems a stupid decision in terms of getting parents on board and developing positivw relationships.

Witchend Wed 27-Jun-18 16:35:56

I very much doubt that school have to consult for uniform changes. If that is true then there are several schools round here that have changed recently (some quite drastically) and haven't consulted.

MaisyPops Wed 27-Jun-18 17:19:38

It's best practice to consult (usually expections if schools are failing and get picked up by a MAT then it's new school, new uniform though). The DfE strongly recommends consultation as well as consideration of time frames and how it impacts on existing students.

E.g. Y10/11 wear the existing uniform and it's KS3 change only and rolled out as y7-9 move up the school

There should also be some evidence that the school has sought the most affordable option for parents.

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