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Nobel, can I get your advice re: secondary please?

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user789653241 Mon 04-Jun-18 10:07:22

I had thread while ago about my ds who is quite advanced at maths.
We really are coming to the end of time to be choosing where he would go.
It's most likely to be the state secondary near by. He isn't really interested to go anywhere else, since he had so much difficulty socially early in primary and he is now very happy among close friends. Also he isn't really interested in studying for exams. And his health has declined a bit resulting in more regular hospital apps recently.

Can I PM you, and do you mind having a look at this school and tell me what you think? There is really only one choice. And 4 years ago one of MN teacher said this school was not recommended, but school can change in 4 years. So not really sure. Talking to him made me think it maybe better to aim at better 6th form in the future, rather than trying to make him try school he isn't interested.

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noblegiraffe Mon 04-Jun-18 18:32:57

Yep sure you can PM me the name and I’ll look at the stats for you.

user789653241 Mon 04-Jun-18 20:28:12

Thanks Nobel. I will pm you.

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user789653241 Wed 06-Jun-18 09:24:47

Sorry, not Nobel, Noble!

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