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Gcse 2018 (10) The one with half term

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Stickerrocks Sat 26-May-18 22:34:42

Oops. Can't remember how to link nicely, so this will have to do.

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EllenJanethickerknickers Sat 26-May-18 22:39:57

That works, Stickerrocks thanks.

TheSecondOfHerName Sat 26-May-18 22:41:49

Thank you for the new thread Stickerrocks

DS2 took the day off today. He started reading the Feynman Lectures, which he has been looking forward to.

Hope all the GCSE candidates and their parents/grandparents have a restful bank holiday weekend.

Stickerrocks Sat 26-May-18 22:43:40

Sost sorry to see you've been feeling poorly. I do hope you're feeling better soon. I'm going to pimp up the gin I usually send you with two cherries and a sprinkling of dried rose petals, which were added to my drink at Twickenham earlier. It looked very pretty, but I spent most of the match trying to spit out pot pourri! On the bright side, DD had a thoroughly nice day off without a flashcard or Eng Lit quote in sight.

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Stickerrocks Sat 26-May-18 22:45:20

Looking up Feynman Lectures now. Physics for fun?

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TheSecondOfHerName Sat 26-May-18 22:49:03

Physics to help him to recover from the horror of having to interpret poetry

Stickerrocks Sat 26-May-18 22:55:54

I inadvertently quoted "Theirs is not to reason why..." whilst discussing the result on the way back to the car & received a detailed analysis of Tennyson in return. Luckily she donned her headphones a few minutes later and usual (non communicative) service was resumed.

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Stickerrocks Sat 26-May-18 23:01:18

mmzz Apologies, but I missed your title suggestion and grabbed your idea from the end of thread 8 instead.

Been did you fall for the new cricket bat plea? DD did get a new racket yesterday, but she broke her strings on Tuesday and has a match next Saturday, so there was method in her madness.

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JufusMum Sat 26-May-18 23:27:25

No revision today but DD has a dance competition tomorrow with lots of waiting around so shes taking Geography and English to do there. Got home too late to crimp her hair so sprayed and sent her to bed with tight French plaits and hope its kinda wavy in the morning.

AlexanderHamilton Sat 26-May-18 23:51:36

Thanks for the new thread.

mmzz Sun 27-May-18 06:59:30

Thanks for the new thread, Stickerrocks, and no worries, I was only having fun with some political puns.

The other ones, that I didn't write down were cheesier. Eg Hoping for some liberal marking.

Cherryburn Sun 27-May-18 07:12:45

Thanks for the new thread stickerrocks
Lovely relaxed day yesterday. DS disappeared out at around 11am and we didn't see him again till after the Champions League final last night. DH and I took the opportunity to visit a local hostelry and sit outside in the sunshine! Did everyone have the amazing lightning last night? It was unbelievable.
More R&R today, I think we may be descended upon by 5 or 6 of DS's friends from what he was saying last night. Back to the grind tomorrow.

farangatang Sun 27-May-18 07:12:59

Lovely new thread and lovely laziness for a few days - not a revision note in sight! Making inroads into all the movies that have been put on hold while 'studying'. DD can afford a few days off...

Hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend and hosting the visitors mmzz is not too onerous and you're getting to relax a bit, too!

dogzdinner Sun 27-May-18 07:17:37

DS had a day off revising yesterday (actually there was none on Friday either). Not sure if I should be encouraging him to get back to it today? He's got something on tomorrow so won't be doing any then

TheDrsDocMartens Sun 27-May-18 07:31:54

Found you all again. Dd2 is 14/26 so past half way. She’s been less stroppy than expected but some major stress clashes between her & dd1 (a-levels!).

Less revision heavy subjects to go now. Sciences are the major focus, plus history and German.

Stickerrocks Sun 27-May-18 07:32:24

We had a huge electrical storm here which started at around 11 and is still giving us the odd rumble now. Our smoke detector went off randomly in the middle of the night (a couple of blasts of a few seconds, then stopped) & DD didn't as much as twitch. That seems like a very good reason not to leave her alone overnight for the foreseeable future.

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LooseAtTheSeams Sun 27-May-18 07:45:30

Thanks for the new thread Stickerrocks. I can't believe how quickly we filled the last one.
Ds was looking a lot better for a chill-out day yesterday! Not sure if he plans to revise at all today.

KingscoteStaff Sun 27-May-18 08:23:36

Morning everyone. A lovely fresh new thread to go with this fresh post-storm morning!

Can anyone ( brainmelt, cherry, hmc, sandy) direct me to that link for 'stuff that didn't come up on the first Biology paper so probably will be on the second'? And has anyone found similar for Chem and Phys?

In return, I have a list of Maths IGCSE Edexcel topics that didn't come up on the 1st paper if anyone wants it!

Teenmum60 Sun 27-May-18 08:27:16

Thanks for new thread Stickerrocks. DD spent last two days revising History ..she seems to think she's made a dent in the revision now (History teaching has obviously been good, last year stats were 80% A* think DD because have been in fairyland during lessons because she got a D in her mock). Sunday lunch with all my family today...hoping that I can get DD to do some Tassomai on the way up/down to make use of time in the car...otherwise day off today.

Thunder and lightning woke me in the night ...thankfully it passed over quickly.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Sunday.

BlueBelle123 Sun 27-May-18 08:27:54

Thanks for the new thread Stickerrocks.
DS revised yesterday as wasn't feeling well and rather than take my suggestion of do nothing he said it would be a waste as he wants a day off when he's feeling better so he can actually do something ie long bike ride plus he intends to go easy next weekend hoping to do nothing on the Sunday in readiness for the final onslaught - I'm clearly not needed!

Teenmum60 Sun 27-May-18 08:33:34

Yes please Kingscote..although I think they can still cover things on paper 2 that were on paper 1 - I picked up this link which may be of use to some doing other boards etc :
I think the biology link was posted by @wonderwine.

androbbob Sun 27-May-18 08:39:11

Morning! Another lazy household here yesterday too and DD was going to town to meet some You Tuber with her mate, but he didn't come in the end so she stayed in. We have The Tall Ships in and town is chokka, especially with a certain football match last night - a sea of red. We now don't mention That Match footballhmm

DD liked the English Lit exam and has now been granted study leave. School available for revision but she isn't planning on going in unless she needs to! One half term revision session for history to go to and she declared that she would do some history today. She has a concert on Wednesday to go to and that will def be a day off as make up needs to be done!!

Hope you all have a good BH weekend and a productive half term with few deals!

BlueBelle123 Sun 27-May-18 08:39:17

Well I'm obviously as deaf as a post or nowhere near you lot as there was no storm rumble is all we got and that could of been my stomach smile

Teenmum60 Sun 27-May-18 08:40:46


Cherryburn Sun 27-May-18 08:42:43

Here you go Kingscote
Haven't come across the same for Biology or Chemistry yet sadly.
Would love the Maths topics list please!

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