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Year 7 - friends & personal space

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mammasmadhouse Wed 16-May-18 18:29:56

My dd is having problems with a classmate who constantly follows her around, she can't even go to the toilet without him waiting outside for her. He can at times be both verbally and physically aggressive and always picks at my dd. In every lesson they have together he moves to sit next to her, he buys all the same equipment from water bottles to stationary. She has blocked him on her phone as we just had constant streams of argumentative messages. We have brought this to the attention of her head of house as my dd is feeling particularly down with it all. The school are trying to address it but I am not sure what else can be done. I get the impression from DD that he finds it difficult to make friends as he is overly critical of people. My dd's form tutor isn't overly supportive. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how best to address..?

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TeenTimesTwo Wed 16-May-18 19:41:29

If the form tutor isn't supportive I would go to head of year.

The boy needs to be told in no uncertain terms not to stalk/harass her.

And all teachers need to be told they are not to sit together or work together.

Sounds like the boy needs help with social skills too.

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