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Year 7 teething problems with friends

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mammasmadhouse Sat 11-Nov-17 18:59:53

One of my dd's friends told a group of kids she was sitting with that my dd had bullied her throughout junior school. This was completely out of the blue and so far from the truth it is astounding and has really upset my dd. They have been friends for a number of years and have had the odd minor quibble but just got on with things. My dd had a chat with her form tutor and he had a chat with her friend, who got upset and went on to tell her year 7 & 9 friends that my dd had got her in trouble and it was all my dd's fault. On the way home these girls told my dd to keep away from this girl with a couple of the older ones shouting at her. We are all surprised by this as this girl has recently joined an activity club with my dd and they do other things together. my dd is quiet and has made a few new friends at secondary sch and from what I understand this girl has been doing things to get the attention of the popular group, so I am guessing that she is struggling to find her place and establish new friends. My dd is a little worried about how this has been blown up by this girl and is a little concerned about what this group of girls may do next week. Do you think it is OTT to drop an email into school..?

Paperdolly Sat 11-Nov-17 19:20:26

Yes. I would just ask them to keep an eye on the situation whilst your daughter is at school. Send it to the form teacher. Don’t go into detail unless asked or it may look like you’re over reacting...which you are not. brewbiscuit

DinkyDaisy Sat 11-Nov-17 19:48:08

Definitely send an email. I would put calm detail in so tutor fully aware. Depending how your school works, copy to House leader as well.
My ds did have a few issues with a child in year 7 and I found being utterly clear about his and my perspective helped resolve things in the end. I was also explicit if I felt school just needed to 'keep an eye' or more serious.
Positively, touch wood things settled down in year 8. Friendship groups have rejigged. My ds does not sit with the 'cool kids' and has no desire to. Kids aiming to be 'cool' can be a pain. My ds, in year 7, had primary friends who were fine on a one to one but showing off and mean in front of 'cool kids' they wanted to be part of.
Good luck...

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