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Bablake,Ashlawn or state secondary!

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nim1234 Wed 25-Oct-17 09:02:31

Hi recently my daughter's teacher asked whether I had considered grammar for her secondary choice (she is in year 5).Well I hadn't up till she mentioned it,now it's all I think about!Our nearest grammar is 40 min away on a bus but she has to pass 11 plus first with a high score and an MFL(for Ashlawn), we have two private schools (as we live in Coventry) but we are middle clasd so finding 60k is not easy....however Bablake does a pre test that she can sit this Jan, then she can sit tge actual 11 plus next oct.Has anyone else bren in this position as I have never had tuition for my daughter and b4 we apply for 11 plus at Bablake we can find out if we can have a scholarship/bursary....that would help loads but I still don't know if that is right place for her....Ashlawn is 40 min on a bus but no fees and it's a grammar which is what her teacher we try her with Jan test then decide if we pursue Bablake or try if she doesn't do well at Bablake then wouldn't b worth doing 11 plus at Ashlawn!Daughter quite mature saying is it worth spending ridiculous money when she could go local comp!She not keen on Ashlawn either,,,but i feel i need to do something about her secondary education....please advice!

Caulk Wed 25-Oct-17 09:12:59

I found your post a bit hard to read so I may have missed the point - ignore me if I have.
My friends children are at Bablake and are very happy there. They had tutoring beforehand. They weren't happy with the MFL side of Ashlawn or the size of the school so didn't want it really. They all moved for sixth form as there was less provision then.

nim1234 Wed 25-Oct-17 15:09:08

Hi thanks for ur reply.Im just trying to decide between getting my daughter to 1)Sit the pre test in Jan for Bablake
2)Apply to Ashlawn( but then my daughter has to get a high score in 11plus and do the MFL)
3)Apply to local comprehensives
I don't want to put my daughter through test after test,or pay high fees when the money could be put to use when the child is older.
I would have preferred Ashlawn if it was in Cov and because it doesn't cost anything,only reason considering Bablake is as theres no grammar in Cov (but do u think thats reason enough to send ur child there?)

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