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Gordon's school

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hollycottage Mon 26-Jun-17 19:54:22

Hi everyone !
I would love to find out as much as i can about Gordons School, in West End, Woking . Ideally from someone who has sent their Child there or who currently has a child there.

I would love to know as much as I can , and in particular, what the current fees are for Day Students ( Not Boarders - although the school calls the Day Students ( who do not sleep overnight) " Day Boarders " and those who sleep overnight at the School " Borders!) " as I have not been able to find this out .
We have a 8 year old nearly 9 year old daughter and because Gordons is Ofsted Outstanding , am wondering if its a good School to try to get her into. Also if is whether we can afford to send her there considering its a State School which Charges Fees .
Any information anyone can give me will be so welcome .
Thank You !

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PatriciaHolm Mon 26-Jun-17 20:21:20

It's on here. Day students are 2,452 per term.

Teddingtonmum1 Sat 01-Jul-17 21:01:13

hi we applied here 3 years ago ( didnt get in 😐 ) as usual unless you live close to the school you wont get in as even with fees its very over subscribed, lots of military kids

Emilie1 Sun 23-Dec-18 11:08:33

Hi everyone,

I was wondering whether someone could tell me whether St George's Weybridge is more or less academic than the Gordon School in Woking.

I have visited the Gordon School and it seems to be pretty academic but I was wondering whether St George's Weybridge would be better suited to my son who is strong in maths but has mild dyslexia. He has been offered a bed at the Gordon School for boarding.

What are your views of both schools in terms of pastoral care, provision for mild dyslexia and academics/results?

Many thanks and best wishes,


hollycottage Sat 14-Sep-19 13:49:27

Our friend has twins . Both bright children but one particularly bright
St George's offered the brightest twin a place but not the other twin ! Apparently the school has an academic profile they like a child to have , plus being sporty and outgoing , which our friends female twin child met in full fitted not her brother twin ! Needless to say our friend our decided not to proceed with their offer for her daughter ! Your child is already there so things are likely to be different for you . Gordon's is a great school academically plus if you look at its Ofsted Report is great at supporting children with educational needs . But your child would have made friends at St George's so transition with them to its senior department will be so much easier than your child transitioning to a boarding school where he or she will be a complete ' newbie " again . That's a really important consideration , given mental health is so important . What are your gut feelings on both school's ? What does your child want ? Those are important factors also to consider .

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