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Triple science maybe wrong choice...

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Wishingitwaswarm Sun 09-Apr-17 15:41:11

My year 8 dd has just handed her options form in, out of the 20 subjects on offer she has chosen triple science as her 2nd choice, mainly on the advice of doing subjects she enjoyed and that most of the others are all art based so really struggled (also picked music gcse and business studies ocr).
Dd has been graded as getting a 5/6 gcse science.
I have been wondering if it's going to be too hard for her. I'm guessing the school will have some input if they think it will be. I know she has another year before it's set in stone it's just so hard knowing what to do. The school hasn't advised her in or us in advance yet about the subject just a link to the course outline on the schools website

ifonly4 Sun 09-Apr-17 16:54:42

Firstly, it's worth checking if your daughter can do triple science at school - some schools only take from the top set or top 25% in my DD's school.

My daughter is doing triple science. They rotate through the subjects so are doing one each half term. She says she hasn't found it any harder than any other subject. There have been some modules they've had to rush through towards the end and coursework to finish. but this has been nowhere near as much as art.

My daughter didn't want to do triple science as she felt she always struggled with science and was only just in the 25% who were offered it, unfortunately we didn't get around to confirming she'd rather do double science instead (it was one or the other at her school). So moving onto Year 11, things have totally changed - biology is her strongest subject she she wants to do this at A level,. She's struggling a bit with physics and chemistry but is glad she did the triple now as she's glad she's got the knowledge learned from the extra biology modules.

Sadik Sun 09-Apr-17 17:14:21

Is your dd right at the start of the options process? I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunities to talk to her science teacher/s and ask their view - IME teachers are very realistic about what is and isn't sensible in the way of options choices.
If you haven't got an options evening / parents evening etc before finalising choices, I'm sure you could phone and make an appt to discuss with the teacher. (DD had options evening then exams then parents evening before options were properly final!)

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