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Is Kew House a risk?

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charleyfarleycat Wed 22-Feb-17 11:19:13

We are considering Kew House as an option for our DD. We like the head, the facilities and the ethos, but don't love the location. Has anyone any up to date news on how kids are getting on there both academically and otherwise? Ibstock is also on our radar and we've heard very mixed views on the school, particularly when it comes to pastoral care. Can anyone give an unbiased account of what school life is like there?
Thanks! confused

strugglingwithmaths Wed 22-Feb-17 11:26:22

It's one if the schools my DD had an offer for and we are seriously considering it. Our neighbors daughter goes there and loves it. Pastoral care is very strong and there always seems to be a lovely welcoming ethos and a very modern approach to education.
Neighbors daughter doing very well. It was very oversubscribed this year (they did the exams in two sittings) because it's suddenly on a lot of people's radar.

Thisdoesnotgeteasier Wed 22-Feb-17 11:29:40

We have an offer for DD as well but she is leaning towards an all girls' school that she is on the waitlist for as she prefers an all girls' environment. We really liked Kew House when we visited - the head, ethos, etc seem excellent. Yes, it's an unknown factor in that it hasn't been around for long but the owners have had a good track record at their two other schools.

We have a friend with a DS there and another with a DD. Both are happy, motivated and challenged.

NWgirls Wed 22-Feb-17 12:19:06

Watching with interest for the future, great to hear some positive experiences. Personally I see the "unproven" nature as an opportunity (rather than a risk) as the school would be easier to get an offer from than it is likely to be 3-5 years from now when it is fully on the radar.

We had positive impression from open morning, nice (friendly, down-to-earth) vibe - but no further direct experiences.

Only 15 pupils took GCSEs in 2016. I could not find the usual stats on the school website, but DFE has it: Mixed/"OK" results as you would expect from a not-very-selective school in start-up mode:
Apparently they almost only do GCSE (as opposed to iGCSE), so these official stats should be more robust than for many independent schools. How good the school is in terms of value added is hard to say, but if the average for this first cohort was "middle achiever" in state school parlance, the attainment looks pretty good to me. They also say that they don't restrict who sits which GCSEs (a widespread way schools try to flatter their results).

I expect their results to improve significantly over the years as it gets increasingly popular and more selective, and also because I was told by an SLT member that they have seen internal test results go up significantly over time.

charleyfarleycat Wed 22-Feb-17 13:57:34

Thanks NWgirls. Great detective work!
What's SLT? I'm so ignorant!
These are all positive comments and chime with what we thought when we visited.

NWgirls Wed 22-Feb-17 14:01:50

Thanks, sorry, SLT=Senior Leadership Team.

doonaduvet Wed 22-Feb-17 15:06:34

DD went there from an all girls school and loved it. Sadly we have moved away from London but she remembers Kew House fondly and keeps in touch with friends from there. I personally think it is one of the best school setups I have ever seen; the headmaster and pastoral care were excellent and I wish she was still there.

Elibean Sat 28-Oct-17 15:33:34

I have a dd there, she's happy and has lovely friends. I think your impressions are accurate - the only caveat I would hesitantly add is that for kids with SEN you need to be very clear about what support you would be getting. DD isn't on the SEN radar, but she has friends who have struggled without enough support.

Otherwise, I"m pretty happy - I have nothing to compare it with, as she's my oldest, but we're happy enough to be applying again for dd2!

Oh - and location: yes, its busy and trafficky. But once inside you wouldn't know it, very clever use of space and trees. Make sure dc are sensible and use road crossings though, its hard to stop distracted/speedy teens from crossing in dodgy places but the dodgy places are exactly that.

Elibean Sat 28-Oct-17 15:35:30

Forgot (spot my priorities) - academically, she's also doing well. There is a broad range of academic ability amogst the cohort, including some very bright kids, and the teaching is overall engaging and creative, as far as I can tell. Especially as they get older.

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