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Sutton Grammar School mock tests

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whataboutbob Thu 05-Jan-17 11:08:26

SGS's mock test website is now live, you can register your DS/DD to take a mock stage 2 test in may or June 2017 to practice for the October 2017 entrance test. It costs about £30 to register for 1 test.

MrsPatmore Thu 05-Jan-17 12:12:45

I would definitely recommend these tests. Massive cohort (circa 1700) sit them so you get a very good idea where your child sits within the cohort. Only issue for us is they are maths and English only but quite challenging. St Olaves in Orpington also started mocks last year in English/Maths/vr/nvr so useful for the Sutton SET.

MagicMarkers Thu 05-Jan-17 14:45:42

We're not doing it this year, but we've used the Sutton Grammar mock tests for two children. It's good to get the children used to going into a large hall alone, find their own desk, listen to instructions etc. Most 10 year olds have never done formal exams before.

It's also great to find out where they are in the cohort or if they are stronger in one subject than another.

Leons Sat 07-Jan-17 00:25:48

The afternoon b sessions are already sold out, and these include the English written exam. Gutted have missed this. I will still sign my son up for the 'a' sessions but would love him to have experience with the English written exam. Can anyone advise if there is another mock exam he can do which would include this. TIA

MrsPatmore Sat 07-Jan-17 09:57:49

There are other mock providers that do written tests. I would advise looking on the elevenplusexams forum. Persuasive letters seemed to be popular at all the second stage exams last year so you might want to look at the format/content for those. I'd also recommend the GL multiple choice papers from April onwards.

MagicMarkers Sat 07-Jan-17 16:30:55

I think Wallington County Grammar PTA does mocks too. I haven't used then myself and they only started a couple of years ago.

omnishambles Tue 10-Jan-17 09:09:31

Sutton are now sold out. Here is the link for Wallington mocks - if you have free school meals or pupil premium then you get one free.

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