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LA and the change of the address close to the deadline for updates

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ElliesPhotography Fri 18-Nov-16 23:35:31

My son passed the tests to the grammar school, he was 10 points above the pass border line.

Last year, this grammar school refused 45 boys. 80% kids to by the points, rest of the 20% is special needs and then the address - straight distance from the school.

Now, for the last 4 years, I've been renting a flat 0.8 miles from the school. I already applied for the secondary school from this address in September. Unfortunately having the trouble with my partner, I need to move out. A friend is offering me to share the house with her, but it is a little further away 1.2miles from the school.

The LA has some deadline for the application address update the 1/2/2017. The final letter with the decisions is meant to come in march. What is the best for me to do now? What if I move to friends and dont update the address till 1/2? But I suppose my partner will notify the council I no longer live at our address because of his council tax reduction and working tax credits. At what point does the council check the address?

Another option for me is to rent a flat close for 6 months, but I would prefer to stay at friends. I dont know what to do, if to risk it and not update the LA with the new address, do they even check every single applicant? Or should I keep strong and remain at home till when - deadline 1/2 date or march till the decisions date?


whyohwhy000 Sat 19-Nov-16 18:54:24

They do check every applicant. They will check every application against every piece of information they have - council tax, doctors, electric etc.

If you move anywhere up to a year after the school year starts it can be regarded as suspicious and your application can be thrown out.

Check how big the catchment area was last year. If there wasn't one (most grammars don't have them) then I'd move.

prh47bridge Sat 19-Nov-16 22:32:57

Talk to the LA. Tell them what is happening. That is much less likely to look suspicious than renting a flat then moving out once places are allocated. Make sure you get whatever they say in writing. If you talk to them on the phone, write your understanding of what was said in an email and send it to them to confirm. That way you have evidence of what was said in case they do something different to what they say.

admission Sun 20-Nov-16 18:49:32

You are in a difficult situation with regard to schools but it is all about dates. There is a date for on-time applications and that is 31st October, which you will have done, presumably putting the grammar school as first preference. You will also have your current address on that application. There will then be a further date after which there cannot be any change of address on your application. You have said this is the 1st Feb 2017 but I would check that as it sounds quite late for a secondary school application. In my area it is the middle of December.
After the second date the LA will only use the address they have and not any address that comes in subsequently. So if the second date was the middle of december like it is for us locally then I would suggest trying to leave moving out till after that date. You will still need to inform the LA about the address change but you should inform them it is only for communcation purposes. The reason for stating this is that if by any chance the LA decided to make the address change, then you would be treated as a late application and go right to the back of the queue in admission terms.
If however you do need to move before that date, then I agree with PRH, speak to the LA, it will in the long term give you far less hassle to be open with them and accept that by moving a bit further away you are potentially putting yourself in a position not to be offered a place at the school.
If you try and avoid the situation and do not tell them about the address change you will probably get found out and then you are much more likely to loose the school place anyway.

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