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Help do I have to pay for exams if my son leaves before AS levels

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rosemary1967 Mon 14-Nov-16 16:13:03

My son has decided that he wants to leave school, he is in first year of his A levels I have rang and informed most of the people I think I am supposed to and he has gone in and filled in a form got it signed by his teachers and handed back his books. He wants to do an apprenticeship instead but hasn't got one yet but has applied for quite a few. Now the school have said that they have just sent off his exam entries so we will have to pay for them. Is this correct, can they make us do this as it is so far away from when he would be taking them and we phoned them as soon as he decided he could not continue with them. They were really nasty to him and shouted at him saying who did he think was going to pay. They had not mentioned it to me on the phone earlier when I rang to ask the procedure. We are going to be so stretched anyway as now that he has left my Child benefit and FTC will be stopped at least until we register him with the agency they specify which wont accept him until he is off the school role. They apparently will stop my family tax credit for all my children until they have reassessed it all. I have four in total but I do work full time and always have bwt not scrounging honest. Now on top of this the school are saying I will have to pay over £100 in exam fees. Please can anyone tell me if this is true or right. Apparently they only just sent them off but my daughters friend left a few weeks ago and didn't pay anything. My son found it hard enough today waiting around to have to get the form signed and having to give up without them shouting at him I feel so angry. Please does anyone know anything about this.

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