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Little Chalfont Primary School

(8 Posts)
user1478115151 Wed 02-Nov-16 19:42:54

Hi, we have found this gorgeous house in Little Chalfont which we are really keen to buy. However, our main reason to move to Bucks is for the schools. We would really love to send our DS to Little Chalfont Primary but the house is literally just outside catchment in 2016 when I check on 192.com. Also on the bucks website its not showing as the 1st choice though distance wise Little Chalfont Primary is closer. In 2014 it was in catchment. In 2016, the catchment is so weirdly shaped, area much further away was in catchment. My question is could it be possible that noone applied from the specific are we are looking at buying- that postcode? Don't know where to get confirmation about this, as its going to be a deal breaker!

Ollycat Wed 02-Nov-16 22:58:09

I live in Bucks but not near Little Chalfont.

Have you looked at their previous years allocations? For the last 2 years (I didn't look back further) they have offered all catchment siblings and then catchment to 0.6 and 0.2 miles respectively - so catchment children living further away weren't allocated.

So first of all you need to ascertain if you are in catchment (catchment maps are on Bucks website) and then see if you are close enough to have got a space in previous years.

If the Bucks find a school thingy isn't showing it as being your closest school I would hazard a guess that you are not close enough to get a place.

Ollycat Wed 02-Nov-16 23:00:49

Not sure what you mean re postcode?

Places will be allocated along the lines of

1. Children in care
2. Catchment siblings (by distance)
3. Catchment by distance
4. Non catchment by distance

user1478115151 Thu 03-Nov-16 12:03:05

So I did some more research and found that the website has a catchment map. The house next to the one I am interested in is in catchment but not this one! Talk about luck! Infact the line goes over the house. What are the chances to get a seat? Also does anyone know how often this catchment is changed?

Ollycat Thu 03-Nov-16 16:04:59

I don't know of any Bucks catchments ever changing.

As I said in my previous posts the last two years they haven't offered all of catchment which means no ooc offers would have been made.

Based on this info I would say the chance of an ooc offer being made was nil. Sorry!

gg234 Thu 03-Nov-16 17:04:36

We are living in boarders of amersham and little chalfont. Little Chalfont Primary is very popular school and it is very difficult to get in to but you have to look other options as well.What you want to do if you don't get in to the school.We have struggled for our son this year to get the year 1 place luckily we have got the admission where we want.

Your next option is Little chatfont E-ACT academy so plan properly

bojorojo Thu 03-Nov-16 17:45:41

IT is unlikely catchment area has changed because this would depend upon a neighbouring school expanding and taking over the catchment. This school has always been very popular and does not take all its catchment area children. As a result, living close to the school is vital. It would be unusual for a catchment border to go through a house. Ring Bucks CC to clarify if the house is in catchment or not. However, whether you get into the school is still debatable even if you would be in catchment.

As a plan, I would widen my search and consider other schools you like and look at roads in their catchment areas where you stand a chance of success. There are good schools in Amersham, Great Missenden and Little Kingshill for example.

user1476392838 Thu 03-Nov-16 20:55:25

If you are talking about an in year admission I would contact the local authority to find out where there are places. Even if the house is within catchment if the year group is full you would not get a place for your DS. The local authority admissions team would be able to advise you where there are places.

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