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Burntwood School and Fulham Cross Girls

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Stargazey44 Fri 23-Sep-16 13:27:19

As with most other parents of yr 6 children, I have done a heap of research on secondary schools in my area and have a couple of questions about the two schools above. Can anyone shed any light on why Burntwood School has much less good academic results than similar state secondaries in the area? I am thinking of Ricards Lodge, St Cecilias, Ashcroft etc. I went to an open day and was impressed by its amazing facilities, great choir, seemingly good teachers (at least the ones I saw in action), and well behaved pupils, so I was disappointed to see how their results compare. What have I missed? I haven't yet visited Fulham Cross but wondered, since they are a state secondary with an outstanding Ofsted report, they were undersubscribed last year. Would be great to know other parents' opinions or to hear from parents who already have daughters there. Thank you.

AveEldon Fri 23-Sep-16 13:54:53

I don't know the other schools but Burntwood is only semi selective so surely that will be reflected in their results

Casbotsproudmum Fri 23-Sep-16 15:18:56

I went to see Fulham cross 2 years ago and it would have been our first choice wasn't for the fact it didn't have 6th form. My opinion is that with the competition being lady Margaret, Hammersmith academy, West London free school, St cecilia, Twyford and the Green school it's many "better" schools, including girls schools, to compete with.

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