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Croydon council

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Emilychas Mon 15-Aug-16 03:23:40

Hello .im applying for my daughter to join a new school for the new year this year .Shes going into y9 .i was just wondering does anybody know how long I will wait for me to get the results back and whether you think I'll get them back in time before September 5? Thanks

merlottime Mon 15-Aug-16 07:54:56

Unlikely. The school staff who will need to deal with this probably won't be at work until a day or two before the kids go back. Do you know if the school is one that has spaces? If it is, then things will probably move quite fast once schools are back, but if you are applying for a school that is full you will probably be in for a long wait. Have you just moved to the area or are you looking to transfer from another local school?

Emilychas Mon 15-Aug-16 15:18:38

I'm jut looking to move schools.ive lived in the area for quite some time now

merlottime Mon 15-Aug-16 17:30:41

Ok, the. I think realistically they are less likely to have an incentive to move fast than if you had moved to the area and your DC was not at any school.

NynaevesSister Mon 15-Aug-16 20:37:04

No it doesn't make any difference in terms of how fast they handle the application.

The problem is that the eAdmissions site is down for maintenance. So actually doing an in year transfer isn't possible online. And Croydon seem to be refusing to take paper applications.

If a school has vacant places then in theory you can start right away. You may want to start calling schools and see if they have vacancies towards the end of the hols - the offices may be open then.

Academies run their own admissions so you can apply directly to the school.

Nowfindingdory Mon 15-Aug-16 22:59:12

You could email them asking which schools have vacancies in the borough on that particular year group.

There email address is

Be warned that they are slow at responding so may not get a response while the schools are back.

Schools that are more likely to have spaces

Meridian high
Oasis academy Coulsdon
Thomas moore
The quest academy
Shirley high
St mary's
St Joseph's
St Andrews

Good luck with it all and hope they won't keep you waiting too long.

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