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12yo Dd argued with girl

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TheJediSmurf Tue 17-May-16 19:04:06

My dd (12, first year of secondary) was in her last lesson one day this week and this girl started her bitchiness.
Can't go into much detail about her because she can quite easily be identified in our area because of a reason which I wanted to say.
Dd settled into comprehensive well, no problems, maybe one or two here and there but nothing major.
This girl and her have known each other since they where at least 7/8 , never been best friends but they liked each other.
This girl has caused nothing but trouble for her.
I can't stand the bitchiness of her. All the bloody time!!
I've spoken to the head of year more than once but they fail to do anything about it.
As you can guess I'm on the end of my tether.
Today dd came to the car where I pick her up from school 15 minutes late. I ask her why she took so long (not a bad way, just out of curiosity) and she told me what was going on.
They were in a practical lesson where they had to make something, that something that they made was on he table. The girl messed about flirting with the boys and knocked my dds project on the floor. She told her and she came back with a load of insults. Then she started shouting saying it shouldn't be in the way. My dd just picked up her work and went to sit with her friends. At the end of the lesson about five minutes before the end the girl started shouting and saying dd was calling her names. The names the girl said she called her were very inappropriate. I know my dd wouldn't dare ever say that especially in class where there is a teacher standing no more than 5 metres away! At the end of the lesson dd and the other girl had to stay behind. All I can say was there was ALOT of shouting back and forth from the girls. All this time the teacher was agreeing with my dd because he knows her ways.

I'm sick of that girl. Should I just call up the school and say to keep her away from my dd? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

PrincessHairyMclary Tue 17-May-16 19:12:23

You can ask for them to be say apart, we often do this at the school I work at.

I would also say that children behave and say an awful lot at school that their parents wouldn't believe that they would. Hopefully your DD doesn't but it's not always the case.

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