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Good secondary school in Horsham. Forest or Tanbridge house?

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Natalia79 Sun 24-Apr-16 13:33:08

We are going to move to Horsham from Surrey. My DS is 10, so good secondary school is essential for us. First we were thinking about Tanbridge house, but found a very nice house 0.3 miles east from Horsham station which falls into Forest school catchment area. How good is Forest school comparing to Tanbridge House? Is it a good idea to send my son there? Or is it better to continue looking for houses in Tanbridge catchment?
Thanks a lot!!!

badgerhead Sun 24-Apr-16 14:31:50

I think it very much depends on whether your son is happier in a co-ed or single sex school. Tanbridge tends to have better results than Forest, but I suspect that is because it is co-ed. Also both schools have slightly different specialities to each other. Forest is engineering biased whereas Tanbridge is maths, science & IT biased. Unless you move to a house in Tanbridge's catchment you are now less likely to get a place there as it is very popular, and Forest less popular.
Have you looked around both schools yet so you can get a feel for them?
Are you aware that all the secondary schools in Horsham finish at year 11 & then the pupils move onto 6th form elsewhere, usually at Collyer's or at other 6th forms nearby in Crawley (Central Sussex College or one of the 6th forms attached to a school, e.g. Holy Trinity or St. Wilfred's) or The Weald at Billingshurst, (both my dd's went there after being at Millais) & possibly Chichester College?
Neither Tanbridge or Forest are bad schools & certainly pupils who attend either school do move on after 6th form to good universities, it is very much personal preference & what will suit your son as well as where you decide to move to.
Good luck.

Natalia79 Sun 24-Apr-16 22:36:37

Thanks a lot for your comment! I will look around both schools to get the feel of them.

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