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Will AS levels be finished by 15 June this year? Can I go away???

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MollyAir Thu 22-Jan-15 14:46:40

I've been invited to go away with friends from 15 June but if I'm not around for dd's AS levels she may either: a) stay up all night and then be hopeless for the exam; or b) forget when an exam is, and miss it.

Any lovely teachers know if they're likely to be over by mid-June? And CAN I GO AWAY PLEASE?

PatriciaHolm Thu 22-Jan-15 14:50:50

If you know the exam board, the timetables should be on their website; for example

Does that help?

MollyAir Thu 22-Jan-15 15:27:50

Thanks, I'll have a's complicated with all the boards, isn't it?

LIZS Thu 22-Jan-15 15:40:14

Ds last one is the week after half term.

MollyAir Thu 22-Jan-15 15:59:54

Great, thanks, let's hope dd's last one is, too.

Essexmum69 Thu 22-Jan-15 16:01:58

We received DSs list from the school yesterday, his last is 9th June but it will depend on subjects/exam boards. I would think most schools would be finalising the lists now, how about emailing the schools exams officer.

ISingSoprano Thu 22-Jan-15 18:02:53

Dd returns to college for the start of A2 on 8th June so AS's should be over by then.

MollyAir Thu 22-Jan-15 20:19:26

Thanks so much for all your help - I have found out from the school that her last one is 5 June, so I am definitely off after that!

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