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Epsom College v. Cranleigh

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perceptive Sun 16-Mar-14 22:51:03

I just wondered what people's experience / perception of these two schools are? DS has a place at Epsom but we need to confirm by end of the month - he'd weekly board. Cranleigh is A LOT closer so could be day boy. I think they're very similar schools which is making decision v hard. I struggle with Cranleigh as knew it (or at least the boys!...another life!) 25+ years ago when it had a well known discipline problem & it's hard to lose those prejudices! I think they're similar academically, both sporty & loads of extra curricular etc. School fees aren't easy & neither DC have the latest gadgets, clothes etc ie. maybe one Abercrombie tee and the rest Next, H&M...I say that as I perceive one to be full(er) of 'rich kids' than the other. DS would fit into either equally well... although he has a definite favourite based on where his friends are going. Would love to hear any views...negative, positive or otherwise.

happygardening Mon 17-Mar-14 09:57:12

We know three or four who've sent their DC's to Cranleigh, all talk highly of it and chose it because of the cricket sport, their children were all county players. All were also weekly boarding and I've always assumed that it was primarily a boarding school which might influence your decision if you thinking about sending your DS as a day boy.

Dededum Mon 17-Mar-14 18:20:41

I know one lovely, very down to earth boy going to Cranleigh. Choose it over RGS because of the sport. Very sensible, nice parents. That is all the info I have smile)

Offtotheraces Mon 17-Mar-14 18:58:54

I'm not sure Epsom is worth the fees . It's expensive and I'm not sure where the value add is .

reddidi Mon 17-Mar-14 22:29:40

I say that as I perceive one to be full(er) of 'rich kids' than the other.
I know what you mean, although I think Epsom is a bit like that too. Personally I find St John's more down to earth than either. As day schools they are all expensive; bear in mind that as they go up the school the pressure (from the children) to board becomes ever greater, particularly where day pupils are in the minority as at Cranleigh.

perceptive Tue 18-Mar-14 19:01:29

Thanks for all your replies. Decided - just ignored everything ive heard & tried to focus
on which would benefit Ds most. The local girls schools seem so much easier as all have their own obvious strengths. Thanks.

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