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How can I help DS (12) with science?

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BlogOnTheTyne Sun 17-Nov-13 14:37:11

Ds (12) in Yr 8 is struggling with the three sciences (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) and increasingly upset about this. He doesn't really 'click' with science (or Maths) and is a real whizz at English/History/RS instead. It really matters to him that he does well at school, so the impact of struggling is getting to him more and more.

His school is very academically selective and very very good for DCs who are great at Maths and the sciences. Most of his peers could easily take their iGCSEs in these subjects now. So the 'competition' is very strong.

The more DS struggles, the less interested he becomes and so the more he struggles. Class size for a fee paying school is large - 26 children per class and several classes per year group. There's not much scope for individual attention/help.

I'm wondering therefore if anyone has any resources - books or internet based - that could help DS or help me to help him?

I was also never strong on maths or sciences but in my school, millions of years ago - you didn't have to do the three separate sciences, whereas in DS' school, this is compulsory.

How can you turn a disinterested child into one who finds science fascinating and inspiring? DS is very self-motivated, reads well ahead of his years in English and History, very ambitious but now aware that he may not do that well in the three sciences (or Maths - but that's a separate issue really).

I can't really afford extra tuition for him along with school fees and wonder if anyone else has had a child around this age/stage who was suddenly able to 'take off' in sciences, from being a reluctant and confused scholar to start with?

I'm especially keen to find resources for a child who will happily read literature and history but doesn't really 'get' why it's important to know about things like chemistry experiments, the laws of physics and the workings of the body.

SoupDragon Mon 18-Nov-13 09:40:17

I'm surprised that you are unable to arrange to discuss your DSs problems with an appropriate teacher - maybe Head of Year? I've been in to discuss DS1's performance before and also had phone/email correspondence wrt other issues.

BlogOnTheTyne Mon 18-Nov-13 10:50:13

I may still try to arrange an appointment with the science teachers if I don't feel there's enough time at the parents evening. It's not that they're unhelpful, just that I'm conscious that they're all very busy and DS isn't actually completely failing - just struggling.

I'd like to sort it out before they start moving further towards public exams.

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