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Private tutor for Berkshire prep school

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Surreymumtotwoboys Sat 28-Sep-13 23:19:04

Hi there. Can anyone recommend a tutor for my year 3 DS? He is at a very competitive prep and I just need to get him up to speed. It would be a long term arrangement, upto CE exams. Do you know/recommend anyone? Thanks.

Amber2 Sat 28-Sep-13 23:36:13

i don't have a recommendation OP, but would advise you wait til he is older...honestly, he is only year 3 and there is nothing at that level that you should need a tutor for at 30- 40 pounds an hour that you can't do DIY with him yourself and you will probably do a better job may be different when he is year 5 /6 preparing for imminent competitive senior school entrance exams or CE in certain subjects later if you feel he really needs it ...but if the prep is doing their job at this stage they should be getting up to speed.

happygardening Sun 29-Sep-13 09:04:51

I couldn't agree more with Amber if he's at a decent prep then they will get him "up to speed" or at least up to the level he's capable of, let's face it they got plenty of time. If they won't/can't then I'd move him there are plenty of good preps in the Berkshire area.

RiversideMum Sun 29-Sep-13 09:12:05

Why do you feel he is not up to speed? Is he not as clever as some of the other children? Or has he missed out on something for some reason? If you are already paying for education, the fact you are thinking of paying for a tutor suggests the school is not up to much in terms of supporting your DS.

difficultpickle Sun 29-Sep-13 21:11:01

I would speak to the school. Ds isn't 'up to speed' at his prep. He has just had an ed psych assessment (at the school's suggestion). It has shown ds is very very bright but has issues that mean he isn't fulfilling his potential. The school has agreed to implement the numerous recommendations from the ed psych. Whilst I have paid for the report I would be absolutely loathe to pay for private tuition on top of school fees.

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