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Pls Help!!!!!! trying to decide on school for DD

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NewmumEA Wed 18-Sep-13 23:11:09

Can anyone help pls. My dd is 2 and we have to decide on school for her. She is doing really well at moment and just feels like nursery is not stimulating her enough. She can converse with you at a reasonable level and can put together a reasonable sentence i.e “Mummy put my plate down please”, can count to 20 – to 30 with a little help, knows her colour, shapes e.t.c

I know it is not a big deal and probably normal but she is my first so not really sure what to expect. Ok back to my dilemma before I keep ranting on like a proud mum 

I now work in Kingswood, planning to move to Kingswood or nearby area, DH works from home so we are looking at prep school around surrounding areas but I am just confused as there are so many different opinions about schools. At moment looking at:

Aberdour – It is close, head master appears to have a genuine passion for the school and pupils. The class size a little big for 3 years old – 12 if my memory serves me right. But not selective, I think I would prefer a selective school - based on a child’s level of ability

Caterham – not too far and seem to have a good results, has a good ranking
Plan is for dd to go until 11/ 13 and then possibly grammar or a scholarship, I don’t think we can afford to go all the way. Worried Caterham might not prepare the kids enough for grammar school as may be bias as they have an upper school. I may be wrong in my assumption as I have just started my research …..

Pls let me know if anyone has any recommendations on prep/ primary school as I don’t know where to begin ……..

Thank you

Ireallymustbemad Wed 18-Sep-13 23:12:53

You've posted in secondary education, may be worth posting again in primary?

crazymum53 Thu 19-Sep-13 08:35:04

I would also give more details about where you are based. I think there may be more than one Kingswood. There's a Kingswood near me, but I don't recognise any of the schools that you mention.

Ladymuck Thu 19-Sep-13 08:40:20

You can certainly get a scholarship moving up from prep to senior school in Caterham, but they don't prepare the children for external school at either 11 or 13. Some parents prepare their children and sit for other schools, but the vast majority move up to the senior school.

Hard to get selective prepreps, and none in this area from memory.

12 isn't a large class size at all, and in fact I would worry at the financials if that was the maximum size. Your dd will need a selection of friends after all.

NewmumEA Thu 19-Sep-13 20:45:57

thank you ireallymustbemad - it was quite late and I did not notice .....perhpas was half asleep.. smile I will repost

NewmumEA Thu 19-Sep-13 21:01:01

crazymum53 sorry I should have been more specific, Kingswood surrey. Don’t know much about the area so any recommendations would be great

crazymum53 Sun 22-Sep-13 15:25:29

Not Kingswood near Bristol then which is close to me. Don't know anything about Surrey schools - not my area!

LIZS Sun 22-Sep-13 15:31:56

How about looking the other direction - CLF, Downsend , Ewell Castle, Manor House, Greenacre ? CLF amy eb selective but schools aren't that stringent at nursery age ime.

Mutteroo Sun 22-Sep-13 15:49:12

A few questions to ask yourself:
Is DD going to be your only child or can you finance private education for more than one child? Make sure you know all the cost per term at each school as the extras build up quite dramatically at some. Could a good nursery or play group provide a better start for your child than the local private schools? What sort of personality has your child got & what school would she feel comfortable with? What are your local state options at primary like?

Best of luck!

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