Advice regarding grammar entry please

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Dancingdreamer Sun 15-Sep-13 22:37:14

If you really want the grammar remember places do come up in schools maybe a year or two in. They never publicise these places - you have to call direct and check. Most people never try after inital entry year.

JohnnyUtah Sun 15-Sep-13 18:46:28

You don't need to phone the school, you just put your preferences on the form and see what you get. If you want the grammar, put it first or you definitely won't get it. If you don't get it you will get your next choice if you are allocated that one and so on. You don't jeopardise anything. Read the notes that come with the choices form.

QOD Sun 15-Sep-13 18:40:22

Good luck!

And ps dd was successful and is on track for A in maths and minimum B in everything else in yr 10

Stupid pigging system ;)

Kormachameleon Sun 15-Sep-13 15:47:16

Thanks for all of the replies

I think I need to speak to the school to find out where he is on the list and if it is likely he will find a place offered when places finalise son march

But good to know we won't jeopardise a place at second choice by putting it down as second

Thanks all x

tiggytape Sun 15-Sep-13 15:11:02

Put the grammar school as your first choice. If his mark isn't high enough, your second choice on the form becomes your first choice and so on.

You do not risk losing out on your second choice school by putting the grammar first even though you are uncertain whether he can get a place. If you definitely qualify for the second choice, the only way you would miss out on a place there is if your first choice makes you an offer.

Even if he has missed the pass mark for this year, there is also a chance you could get offered your second choice but later get the grammar school from the waiting list.

If you don't name the grammar school on your form, you cannot get an offer there even if his score scrapes through and you cannot be on the initial waiting list.

QOD Sun 15-Sep-13 15:06:15

Your scenario is so different, I have no idea, but sounds like you are right. Is there no info on your lea website? Did he score less than the school expected?

QOD Sun 15-Sep-13 15:05:03

In my area, Kent, you either pass or don't, if you score over the minimum on all 3 and over the total needed too, you get a place
(If that year the pass is 119)

Eg 126 VR
129 NVR
119 maths

Total is over 360 so you get a place

if you do what my dd did and get 126/129/118 and total 373 then your parents have to appeal and its horrendously stressful

In our area, they award places to those who pass. Then say there are 60 places left, everyone else can appeal them. You prepare info, you take it along to a hearing, they talk to you, look at their work, results, head teachers letter etc and decide

It's changed from this year and our local grammar is now again able to offer its own test which should vastly reduce the amount of appeals.

Kormachameleon Sun 15-Sep-13 14:40:03

So in theory I can put grammar as first choice and then two non selective comps of our choice and if he doesn't get grammar offer then we should hopefully get place at choice of comp ?

The highest score this year was 400 and the lowest was 150. My son scored 305 so middle of the road. The letter says that until they have the lea forms stating how many want places there they can't say whether he will be offered or not.

So I suppose it is possible that if only 96 children who scored above him want the place and he is 97th then he will get an offer so it's still worth hoping ?

Why would an appeal involve ? I can't see anything regarding this in their website

QOD Sun 15-Sep-13 14:34:06

Put the grammar on the form then follow the grammar school appeal procedure?

Theas18 Sun 15-Sep-13 14:25:59

the reason the admitting score for grammar is higher this year than last ifs either a brighter cohort or an easier test. not a thing to sweat about. though if he's just a mark under do they do re marks? maybe worth asking

Theas18 Sun 15-Sep-13 14:23:46

you won't lose anything by putting the grammar on the form first choice.

if he didn't meet the criteria for the grammar then theylook the next cho choice-which should be the none selective he wants to go to most. then a second choice I'd he doesn't meet that schools criteria etc.

fill all the spaces.

use the last choice ( If it isn't higher up the list already) for comprehensive school you would be sure to get a place at on distance citeria. even if you hate this school do not, what ever you do omit it. there are worse school further away and that is where you still get a place I'd you do not name your neearest school.

Good luck.

Kormachameleon Sun 15-Sep-13 13:55:11

Had letter from school yesterday, son didn't score high enough sadly

They did go on to state though that the score was high enough for him to have got in last year - meaning that it was high enough to be awarded a place last year

So we still have the option as putting school as first choice on LEA form and hoping e scrapes in

Or will be risking a place at another school if we list them second or third ?

I don't know what to do for the best I'm so upset about it

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