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RGS Guildford Uniform name tags!

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Fayerfield Sun 28-Jul-13 14:43:12

Hi does anyone know if the name tags need to be sewn on in a certain place per garment or does it not matter?

racingheart Sun 28-Jul-13 20:54:32

Don't know, but going for usual place: back of neck, back of waist and top of socks. (We really have to name socks? On a time/cost ratio, it's almost cheaper to lose them.)

Fayerfield Mon 29-Jul-13 10:55:13

Hi Racingheart,
I think I will give socks a miss and put a spare pair in a bag. I noticed that sometimes inc my DD's school thick name tags on sports stuff is on a certain place on the PE kit on the outside. I'm extra suspicious as the shop sell special RGS name tags for the sports kit in large! Hate sewing, so don't want to end up having to do it twice. I think I may email the school. Happy holidays!

burberryqueen Mon 29-Jul-13 10:58:03

are you just showing off that your child is going to a 'good' school or something?

racingheart Mon 29-Jul-13 11:33:07

no burberry, she's asking a question and I'm answering. [hmmm]

Don't all schools ask for name tags to be sewn into everything? They did at out state primary.

Fayerfield - didn't know that about the outside name tags. I hate sewing too. Will you let us know?

burberryqueen Mon 29-Jul-13 11:35:57

sounds like a stealth boast to me, hardly a tricky or urgent question is it? - in the other thread she was asking some question about calculators, casually dropping in the name of the school.

racingheart Mon 29-Jul-13 13:09:30

burberry - it's a school where the pupils come from far and wide, so it's quite possible not to know anyone else who goes there. All that casual stuff you pick up from other mums of older pupils isn't so easy to come by. And the induction day/pack didn't give out those small details. I think it's OK to ask such questions on here, as this is the place people often come to ask about specific schools. It's not as though it's in Chat.

I could just as easily say your name is a stealth boast to how much you are able to spend on clothes. (Racingheart sadly aka Primarkqueenmum)

MN is a place people can just be themselves and chat. Not everything applies ot everyone, but does that matter?

Fayerfield Mon 29-Jul-13 14:33:00

Hi Racingheart,
just got this info which I hope helps smile
For school uniform shirts and blazer, names can go on the inside of the back of collar. For games tops it should be on the left breast under the RGS logo. For shorts it should go on the bottom front left. They should have a pencil case with the necessary stationary including colouring pencils. All labelled if possible. Calculator in not allowed until second form. Hope this helps.

Also got my padlock from Timpsons locksmiths with 3 keys long neck for £4.50

(Burberryqueen- aka Primarkslave, "sorry but I do buy a lot of clothes from Primark and I'm not a rich snob" but just making a point. If this thread is of no relevence to you why do you bother reading it. And for the record, not showing off just need the info. But as you ask YES VERY PROUD my DS did get into RGS and it is a good school!) However there are also many GOOD state schools around here too.


racingheart Mon 29-Jul-13 17:48:44

Fayer - thanks, that's really useful - where did you get the info?

Fayerfield Mon 29-Jul-13 20:16:17

Mum on our class list.

Scruffey Mon 29-Jul-13 20:21:49

Our school asks for socks to be named. You have considered your cost to time taken sewing ratio and decided not to. But have you considered the use of a teacher's time looking at ten similar socks, trying to pair them up and decide whose they are? That swings it! I will say that if you buy a grey school sock from M&S, you roll down the cuff and there is a white rectangle so you can easily write the child's name in a black laundry pen. I don't know your school though so may not be grey!

Unexpected Mon 29-Jul-13 20:41:37

Why on earth would a secondary school teacher be pairing up the socks of pupils???

Fayerfield Mon 29-Jul-13 20:55:31

Hold that needle. Just got email from Mum with older DS and she says sew them anywhere.....

Scruffey, yes they are grey, will look and see if I can write in it. Want to keep the teachers happy smile

Unexpected My experience even primary school socks just get thrown in lost property, teachers have too much to do without sock sorting lol wink

Picturesinthefirelight Mon 29-Jul-13 21:01:58

I frequent a forum with lots of parents whose children are going to a particular few schools and its really handy to have contact with them.

They recommend an ink stamp from easytoname for socks.

BeadyBagsaTella Tue 30-Jul-13 16:20:07

OP, I think the Info you got about naming PE kit on the outside was based on the old kit (changed a number of years ago!). Names on the inside seem to be the way to go.

Kit does get lost, but tends to find its way back in the end...

racingheart Wed 31-Jul-13 16:31:26

Scruffey you genius. I always wondered what that white rectangle was for.

Happymum22 Sun 04-Aug-13 17:59:45

As an ex-RGSmum I'd advise you not to bother with normal school sock naming! If they are lost they will be kicked about the cloakroom floor before finding their way to lost property, before quickly being put in the bin. Spare pair in the PE bag is the best way forward so your DS doesn't have to walk around sockless or get a litter detention for incorrect uniform.

For the special PE socks which cost more, I would name them.

HTH and good luck for September.

surreygoldfish Sun 04-Aug-13 18:48:35

Agree with HM. Ds1 goes into 2nd form this year - although I've never named plain school socks. I would name all games kit. List of named lost property is circulated every week - although we never did find the one named red rugby sock that went missing!

In case it's useful - you can also get a padlock with a code. Very useful if your DS like mine is good at remembering numbers but very good at losing keys!

BeckAndCall Mon 05-Aug-13 14:54:26

For the socks, to save time, fold over a small name tag and just sew the ends onto the sock - takes about 4 stitches - makes a kind of loop but you can still read the name.

indignatio Mon 05-Aug-13 16:17:06

Hi all

Not sure I can be bothered to even write in the everyday socks. However I am stressing about the bags needed to carry all the clobber into school. Anyone any idea about ideal bags for travelling on the train, size needed for books and type of bag ideal for all that rugby kit (which I have sewn labels into) ? Can anyone remember the mfl dictionary the school recommended. I thought I would recognise it when I saw it again, but they all seem to look the same on amazon. Thanks

Fayerfield Tue 13-Aug-13 18:27:20

Thanks everyone for your info.
After MUCH tags are inside and have been for about 3 years. So I am just doing inside. But you can do outside as well if you want!!!
Re white stripe on socks to write the name brilliant. Quite enjoyed writing those whilst drinking wine. Thanks scruffy, all friends now informed. No one realised that that was what it was for!
Indignatio, tacklebag sell sports bag with your childs initials on about £35. Order on line and pick up is this thurs at rgs 2-6 sports hall or pay £6.50 delivery. For school bag we are using a black rucksack that holds A4 folders. smile

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