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Mobile Phone advice also please

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millietwoshoes Sat 18-May-13 20:34:03

Another question - I am looking at getting her a mobile phone (first one) any advice out there? Do I hold off on the iPhone/blackberry until she has proved that she can look after it? Any advice on pay-as-you-go or contract from people that have already gone through this.
Thank you

marriedinwhiteisback Sat 31-Aug-13 23:18:33

Mine have 300 mins, unimited texts and 500mb. DS has samsung mini, dd nokia. Contracts are 30 and 21. The phones are insured because they are teenagers. They don't run out of credit they run out of battery.

DC are 18 and 15. A word about facebook. Many of their friends were not allowed facebook; almost as many had facebook in alias names linked to e-mail addresses they had set up themselves. Preferred to say yes and be their friend although they both defriended me years ago

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