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KS3 maths tests

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Gales Fri 12-Apr-13 16:53:22

DS1 (yr7) has been really struggling in maths - he seems to have a reasonable understanding but is doing very badly in tests. Has gone significantly backwards in the 2 terms since he left junior school. I think he struggles to maintain concentration more than he struggles with the actual maths iyswim

Anyway, he had very little homework from school this holiday so he's been doing a daily test for me, as a way of practising sitting still for an hour!

In a KS3 level 3-5 paper, roughly what % does he need to get 5A, 5B or 5C? And what % equates to what level in a level 4-6 paper?

Thank you

mnistooaddictive Fri 12-Apr-13 17:27:48

Do you know what year it is? I can then get accurate info! The level 4 and level 5 questions will be the same on both papers but 3-5 has level 3 at start and 4-6 has level 6 at end.
level 5 is about 100/150 for the 3 papers. So one written paper is out of 60 so about 40 for a 5c, 47 for a 5b and 55 for a 5a.
on 4-6 it is roughly 24 for a 5c, 28 for a 5b and 32 for a 5a with a 6c being 36
These are marks out of 60 not percentages by the way!

Gales Fri 12-Apr-13 17:43:54

Thank you so much mnistoo.

They're past papers I've printed off the internet. They just say KS3 and then underneath level 3-5 or 4-6. I've assumed they were the official papers used at the end of KS3, but no idea if I'm right.

So, just to check my understanding. The two written papers are marked out of 60 each and he needs an average of 55/60 to get 5a on a 3-5 paper. 100 across the three papers for a level5.

In that case, he's been doing better than I thought! He's consistently getting about 44-48/60.

Something's been going wrong at school though. He was 5c when he left juniors, but in his last set of tests at school he got 14/60 in the calculator test (think it will have been a level 4-6 paper). I've started with the easier papers so try and improve his morale and because FTB it's really about helping him to focus and to check his work properly!

AtiaoftheJulii Sat 13-Apr-13 01:37:56

If you get the SAT papers from emaths there's a link to the grade boundaries as well there.

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