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Offer acceptance deadlines : SW independants

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MLP Wed 27-Feb-13 17:09:17

I think finding out the exact deadline time makes sense. I have a close friend who was in a similar position last year. She had the form completed and the cheque written for one school but was waiting for school number two (and first choice) that told them on the same morning. She got the good news that morning then drove to the school they wanted and dropped off the form/cheque with 30 minutes to spare. Not ideal but I am sure the schools have seen it before.

Needmoresleep Wed 27-Feb-13 17:00:54

Phone up the first and explain. There is no reason not to be honest as they cant withdraw the offer. Ask when the latest point of acceptance is, eg 10.00am and expect to hand carry it in.

Then phone the other school, tell them you remain very interested and ask that they do their best to identify whether they have a place ...right up until 9.55am. Phone them from outside the other school. At minimum it will tell them how committed you are.

Both schools will be trying to judge numbers and wait lists, and on occasion talk to each other. It may even be that they have someone on the wait list for the first and with a place at the second.......

fondofuk Wed 27-Feb-13 16:26:24

Hi. I have an offer to which I should reply by 6 March and waiting on another shool (waitlist) that will also notify me by same date. I think the one on the waitlist seems unlikely to offer a place given popularity of the school and year group (13+), but still would like to wait til the end before sending in a deposit to the offered school "BY" 6 March. Can I just tell the school that I am sending in acceptance form and cheque "ON" 6 March?

Any advice?

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