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Moving from US to UK - Y11! Problems!!

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llsharman Sat 09-Feb-13 22:44:57


We are planning to move to the UK from the US in July 2014, but we have run into a snag.

Our daughter will turn 16 on September 3rd - 2014, and will likely be too young for 6th form, and may not qualify. She will be too old for Y10, and wouldn't want an extra 2 years of school before university anyway.

We have been told moving her into Y11 would be problematic with GCSE courses being two years in secondary school (Y10 & Y11)

We are looking into Bristol/Cheltenham/Gloucester area, if that makes a difference, and are hoping for a state school.


tethersend Tue 12-Feb-13 23:25:04

You will not be able to put her in Y10 in a state school.

Schools cannot refuse to give a place to a Y11 student if they have one (and it has been requested), no matter how far through the year it is- whether they will enter the student for GCSEs is another matter.

It may be possible to get a place at a school and remain 'on roll' whilst attending another provision such as a college; this is usually to study vocational courses, but could in theory be for more academic courses.

When she turns 16 is somewhat irrelevant- schools, colleges and LEAs will use her school year to make decisions WRT funding.

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