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Maths seems to be problem for my year 7 son

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andellewi Tue 05-Jul-11 16:28:25

After parents evening in april, the teacher told me that my sons maths was on a downward spirol! He had a poor result in a test and did not really know what the answer was. I told him I'd looked in his book and most of his work was ticked correct and he retorted that there just wasn't that much of it. Since, my son has been concentrating and the teacher has noted that he has been working well. However, latest test has produced another poor result. My son is devastated, he is convinced he has done better than results show and told me that the teacher had said he would deduct marks if they had the wrong equipment or if he thought they weren't concentrating. He has been given a mark, but not the test paper back.

I am going to ask for the teacher to sit with him and go through the wrong answers but am I also within my rights to ask to see both test papers for myself? My son is bright and achieves good results normally, I lack confidence really in the teacher.


Kez100 Tue 05-Jul-11 21:23:51

I cant help with the rules on copies of tests but I can think of a few other things that might help because my daughter -'without revision - never achieves in Maths tests either.

Although not a high flyer, she understands Maths when it's taught in class but her retention is poor. She also finds it hard to take a concept and use it in a question worded differently. So, for her, she needs constant practice at home on top of the in class work and homework.

In her four years of study at secondary, she did have two years with a not such good teacher which I originally put it down too, but she has now had excellent teaching for two years and it's in that time that it has become apparent where her problems lie.

I wouldn't worry about questioning these progress test results but I would try and get to the bottom of his issue. It doesn't sound like exam stress - you say he does OK in other subjects - so I wonder if it might be something like my daughter - retention of concepts and use of concepts in a differently worded scenario.

Worth having a word with the teacher about areas of weakness, yes. Try and do it positively though.

noblegiraffe Tue 05-Jul-11 21:38:23

I don't see why the school would want to keep the tests, we normally give the kids theirs to take home.

Better than getting the teacher to go through the test would be for you to go through the test with him. That might give you a better idea of what your DS's weak areas are than trying to get second-hand information. Perhaps it's something you could practise over the summer?

Your DS is probably not going to have the same teacher again next year.

IntotheNittyGritty Fri 08-Jul-11 22:00:38

IME test questions are very different to what they learn in the class. Test questions can be confusing and need analysis to work out what is important and a lot of kids struggle with tests Worth checking 2 see if this is a problem

BROWITA Sun 10-Jul-11 10:19:16

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education16plus Tue 12-Jul-11 14:55:56

My daughter also struggled with maths, so we picked her worst subjects and used them when baking cakes, her favourite pastime.

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