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Rooks heatk college

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supermum21 Fri 15-Apr-11 15:24:36

My daughter got rooks heath school in harrow do u think she should go to the school or not

stikmatix Fri 22-Apr-11 14:19:59

Back in the day (and I'm going back 20 years!), my Sunday school used to be held there, and the school was grim. It was in a terrible state of repair, and had a rep for being rough.

However, they had an outstanding Oftsed in 2008 and an interim assessment shows they have maintained their level.

Ofsted reports are a pretty crude tool, so hopefully some parents with recent experience will provide some better info!

Just remember that if you reject the place, will borough of Harrow offer you anything better? I doubt it.....

sexymomma69 Wed 27-Apr-11 16:14:39

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

mommum12 Mon 15-Jun-15 15:02:02

Any first hand feedback on this school? (rooks heath school ). please share.

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