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Downe House School

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caringyetconfused Sun 23-Jan-11 08:40:09

DD will be attending Downe House for Sixth Form in the coming September. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the school or if anyone has any advice for her.

She had also applied to/been accepted by WA, CLC and Badminton, but in the end we did choose Downe House for her. Do you think that was a wise choice? How would you describe DH in comparison to those other schools (or any other independent all-girls boarding school for that matter).


BlessingsGalore Sun 23-Jan-11 16:26:15

Although I prefer DH to the schools you mention I would have chosen WA for the sixth form. It is a tremendous academic prep for uni and by that stage the girls have grown out of their bitchy attitudes. I know CLC very well and Badminton and e latter is a waste of time if you have offers from the other three and the culture of CLC is not nice.

caringyetconfused Mon 24-Jan-11 12:27:40

We were quite torn between DH and WA but since my DD was offered an academic scholarship along with her offer of a place (she did not apply for scholarship for WA), we opted for DH. I would think that more people known of WA and CLC, and although reputation isn't everything to us, I was just worried whether DH is 'on par' to the other two schools.

Thank you for your opinion!

JL123 Thu 24-Feb-11 17:09:51

For interest why are you not impressed with Badminton? I thought it was supposed to be very good.

vence Sat 30-Mar-13 17:14:16

Hi, would be grateful if anyone can share their recent experience with Downe House, especially for Sixth Form? Our daughter is attending Sept 2013.

Honestyisbest Sat 30-Mar-13 20:57:11

Another vote for Wycombe. Impressive sixth form set up, girls are very independent when they leave.

goinggetstough Sun 31-Mar-13 08:26:35

My DD had an excellent time at Downe. She was well supported with her music, sport and extra curricular activities eg D of E. She has gone on to a RG university with excellent grades and very independent.

vence Mon 01-Apr-13 16:40:47

Many thanks for your feedback.

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