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Any other SAHP exhausted by lunch time?

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DoesMyMarthaCliffLookBigInThis Tue 31-May-16 14:02:09

Sahp to 2 preschoolers. We have a nice routine going and for the most part it works well for us. We get out for a walk in the morning and get any jobs done before nap time so that we can relax and play for the afternoon without any pressure to get anything done. However, I find that by the time lunch time comes around, I am literally fit to drop from going all morning, and I'm hanging for the last few minutes before getting the kids to bed for their nap. Once they're up and I have a bit to eat and some peace and quiet, I recover a bit. Does anyone else get like this?

This week has been extremely hectic as both kids have been unwell and I am constantly checking temperatures and giving medicine. I have recently been considering taking on a child to mind (have already been inspected and registered etc), but this week alone has really put me off. I feel that if I am this exhausted from looking after 2 of my own, how on earth could I put one more into the mix? And what am I going to do when my eldest inevitably drops his nap?

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