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relocating form Essex to North Devon

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nicolenlolly Mon 16-Jan-17 17:36:31

hello new to mumsnet so thought I would introduce myself and also ask some advice. Hubby and I are looking at re-locating. I love Essex and it provides super opportunities for work and most importantly for pony club and lessons with some super riders for my girls, but I am sick of being burgled and also house prices being so very high. We have found a barn conversion not far from S Molton and it looks incredible. Hubby is an electrical/mechanical/agricultural engineer but will continue to work in Essex 3x per week and stay up here with family whilst doing so in order to pay for the conversion and life down there. Down there we can afford a nice (when it's finished) house with some land for the horses up here we can afford a small garage!! But, are we jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire? I don't know what the schools are like, I don't know what the pony clubs are like or the riding instructors and my oldest is showing some real promise so don't want to wreck her future but it just seems that life down there is so much better. We holiday in Devon 5 times a year and it just feels like home every time we are there...any advice gladly received and thank you xx

mollypopsal Wed 25-Jan-17 17:46:14

Hello nicolenlolly. I don't know if you will still be reading this, but we did exactly this nearly 2 years ago. We moved from Essex to North Devon and I would not want to move back. The people here are very friendly and the school in my little village is rated outstanding by Ofsted. Check out the local schools on Rightmove it will give you the ratings.
The weather is cooler than in Essex most of the time and damper, and my husband has less work, even though he works for a large company. He transferred his job here. I suppose this is because fewer people live here, so fewer need his services. Just look at all the scenery, green fields not homes! I love it! Horse riding and show jumping is a big thing here too. I hope all of this helps.

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