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Dorset-bound. Any advice on where to live?

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Josamac Thu 18-Jun-15 23:25:24

It looks like we will b moving back to Dorset after 10 years away. We lived for a couple of years in Lower Parkstone, Poole and we're happy but that was life before kids!
We now have two and are looking at trying to find a forever family home. A job has come up in Bournemouth. We are looking for a good strong community feel, both grew up in villages so that might be good.
We've been looking at the Wimborne area and are curious to know about villages around there - any advice on one with lots going on for children? Ours are 9 & 7 but nothing will be quick so in not too stressed about primary school catchments. We have a pretty good budget but want to get the location right!

Very excited about going back to the sea...

All advice gratefully received - thank you!


Grinstead Fri 19-Jun-15 22:40:44

How about Christchurch? Near Bournemouth and has great secondary schools

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