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Moving to Warlingham

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CATS21 Mon 12-Jan-15 09:56:19

Hi All,

We are thinking of putting an offer on a property in Warlingham. However we have seen 2 properties located in different areas of Warlingham and we are unsure as to which area would be the best. We are looking for a quiet area, for it to be safe to travel for our teenage son and within a reasonable distance from train/bus. The 2 areas we are looking are Verdayne gardens and Gresham Avenue. Is there anyone local to the area and know anything about these 2 places?

Seeline Mon 12-Jan-15 10:03:03

I don't think either area (although pretty near to each other) is particularly close to train stations - very long walk. Only one bus runs along the Limpsfield Road (403) which would eventually get you to Sanderstead Station but quite a way. I would prefer Gresham Avenue to Verdayne Gardens I think, although that is directly opposite a quite large Sainsburys store open most of the time.

CATS21 Mon 12-Jan-15 10:13:22

thanks Seeline, I guess the transport will be ok as long as there is a bus. Any reason why you would prefer Gresham Avenue? honest opinions please smile the supermarket should be ok as long as there are no problems around with anti social behaviour etc. Are you local to the area?

Seeline Mon 12-Jan-15 11:23:33

I'm in Sanderstead so not hugely local, but drive along Limpsfield Road frequently. Verdayne Gardens is in an area known as Hamsey Green, rather than Warlingham, which has had problems in the past (anti-social).
The bus will take you into Croydon for trains there. It doesn't go any further than Sainsburys in the other direction.
Will your DS be changing schools? Journey to school may be an issue unless attending the very local Warlingham school.

CATS21 Mon 12-Jan-15 11:29:21

Hi Seeline, ok makes sense, we do prefer Gresham avenue anyway. No he wont be changing as he has only 13 weeks left until he finishes school for good. He goes to school in Purley so the 403 will be able to get him into south croydon and then to Purley on the 60. Are there any issues we should kep in mind for Gresham avenue regarding anti social, robbery, violent crime etc? anything you might have heard?

Seeline Mon 12-Jan-15 11:33:36

I know of one coupe who live in Gresham Ave from our church. They are over 80 so shouldn't cause too many problems grin I don't know if other residents are of a similar age - I think they are bungalows which often have older occupants in this area.

CATS21 Mon 12-Jan-15 11:43:38

well you never know Seeline, I have heard of some wild parties held by this age range group grin
thanks for your feedback

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