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Something mad happened last night!!!

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AnnaInManchester Sat 02-Jul-05 15:30:43

I was waiting for the bus in Manchester city centre last night after doing a bit of shopping and this guy came to the stop. He was dark and handsome and looked like Enrique Inglesias! I looked at him and he was looking right back at me, so I looked away shyly. I could feel his eyes on me the whole time.

The bus came and I got on, and so did he and on the same set of seats as me (there are about 4 at the back) and then this guy came and sat inbetween us. He got off a few stops down the route in a place called Cheetham Hill and waved at me! I live a good 10 miles away from Manchester so it takes me about an hour and half on the bus to reach home, so I just smiled as he waved at me and the bus carried on. After about an hour we reached a town called Oldham and who was to get on, but him!!! "Enrique" himself!!! He came and sat with me and told me he wanted to speak to me so much and didnt want to lose his chance that he chased the bus to Oldham in a taxi in the hope I would still be on the bus by then! The conversation was great - never no awkward moments and we have arranged to meet up tomorrow!!!

Frizbe Sat 02-Jul-05 15:38:46

Ohh errr, kinda nice for you and also kinda spookey don't ya think, have a nice drink tomorrow, but be careful, make sure someone knows where your going and what time you'll be back I know I must sound like your mother, but there are lots of odd people out there!

snafu Sat 02-Jul-05 15:40:45

Agree with Frizbe - that's either incredibly romantic....or a bit scary and stalkerish.

Have a nice time tomorrow but keep safe!

AnnaInManchester Sat 02-Jul-05 15:40:54

My mum knows where I am going!

snafu Sat 02-Jul-05 15:41:35

That's alright then Don't mean to be a wet blanket, hope you have a good time.

Tessiebear Sat 02-Jul-05 15:53:04

Wow - that is fantastic - have a good time

AnnaInManchester Sat 02-Jul-05 15:56:30

he just called now such a sweetie

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