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2 Guys - Which one?

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VaVaVoom Thu 23-Jun-05 19:41:26

Recently I met 2 guys. They dont know each other. The 1st one (Lucas) I met in an internet cafe. We had talked on msn messenger for ages, then I found myself being tapped on the shoulder by him in the internet cafe. We went for a wander round M'cr and it was nice. He isn't goodlooking, but is nice enough personality wise. He is 18. I am 21.

The second one (Saul), age 27, I met on the bus. We got chatting, he took me for a drink and he was very much fun too. He is very goodlooking, mixed race and is the spitting image of Thierry Henry and was so funny and real good fun to be with. However, this guy kept on at me, why didn't I have a job, when in reality I am trying so very hard to find one, but he thought it's easy.

I'm not sure which guy to have because I do realise I cant have both. The first one would be very easy to dominate as he is so quiet and seems to prefer me being in charge, but the second one was a great laugh, although did annoy me about the job thing.

Frizbe Thu 23-Jun-05 19:42:20

wait for guy no 3, they're like buses right!

tabitha Thu 23-Jun-05 19:43:44

Yeah, wait for no 3....or have both

lou33 Thu 23-Jun-05 19:44:52

neither, why would you want to dominate someone, and why would you want to go out with someone who made you feel inadequate?

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