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DH's birthday today, any ideas for ..................(not present, by the way)

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trinityrocks Sat 18-Jun-05 15:53:37

Hi guys, I have a 9 week old and we have just literally JUST resumed our sex life i.e we did it once last weekend and it was great. To cut a long story short I am quite sexually stunted he he he, I mean that as in when I should have been having sexual relationships with nice boyfriends at say 18 to 21 I was instead stuck in physically and sexually violent relationships. SO now that I want to give my hubby a nice b'day pressie if you know what I mean!! I am starting to panic, before I got pregnant for the second time I was starting to get a little confident in the bedroom and we were communicationg well but then I went right off sex for the whole of my pregnancy and now I feel like I'm not gonna have a clue anymore or that I won't be able to be honest about what I want or ATALL confident in what I might be doing to hubby (which means I then stop doing it as if I don't to anymore when it's really cos I'm scared he doesn't like it ) i know it's all about communicating but a few words of advice would be great!!!!! sorry this got long

Chyla Sat 18-Jun-05 15:59:44

why dont u go get some sexy lingerie from the shops b4 they close, or if u already have some put them on now under your normal clothes without DH knowing, then when baby is in bed asleep, have a nice dinner, light some candles in the bedroom, take DH upstairs and do a striptease for him. Men are supposed to love that! and then just let the rest go from there! Can u even get a babysitter?

trinityrocks Sat 18-Jun-05 16:08:20

Thats sound fab, I know though that I would have trouble with the striptease bit , I am soooo crap when it comes to haveing confidence with this kind of thing and I have an alright body I'm not fat or anything that would perhaps make me feel shy I just think I'm going to do it wrong all the time
My hubby is also really sweet and knows all about my "issues" and is very understanding ugh I just wish I could get a grip, it's almost like I think he won't love me if I try something and it's not perfect which I knnow is stupid and he never would be like that but I have little voices in my head making me think I'm crap all the time ugh sorry I sound mad now

Chyla Sat 18-Jun-05 19:08:15

Trinity, I am also shy when it comes do doing a strip for my DP, but he doesnt laugh or anything, and get this - I weigh 20 stone and am a size 24!!! He is gorgeous, thin and very handsome, (looks like Thierry Henry ) but he loves me and he loves it soooo much! Like I said, I am shy and reserved at first, but by time it comes to getting the second piece of clothing off I feel like a pro, and if you're worried about his eyes on you, go up to him, and rub your body on him, or your bottom in his knee then u can't see his eyes on him. God, I sound like a right slapper!!! and when u have acheived the strip, you will feel FANTASTIC and that nothing is too embarrasing in regards to sex!!!

ManchesterMomma Sun 19-Jun-05 18:59:06

Hi Trin, what happened? Did DH have a nice birthday? Do tell

trinityrocks Mon 20-Jun-05 18:07:53

it was a failure, couldn't get baby to settle till about 11.30 and by then we were both knackered just watched tele together

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