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Feeling so tired and can't keep it together

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justsotired Sat 24-Oct-09 22:18:02

Just shouted at DD for no reason other than I am so tired of everything being such bloody hard work. She was doing something to try and help me and couldn't make it work and I just took out all my frustration on her. Made her cry and she's now gone to bed very quiet sad.

I am so busy and never get any time (I know, welcome to the world of motherhood!). But I work full time, my H is a lazy, part time working opinionated prat and I spend my whole time at home balancing the peace between him and DCs whilst trying to be Mother Theresa because he shouts at them most of the time when I'm at work and I feel I have to be extra nice and extra kind to make them feel secure and happy. DD has a mild form of OCD (constantly washing her hands) and hasn't put on any weight since before the summer. I moved her to a private school in September as she was being bullied at her old school so am now under pressure to get a promotion/pay rise at work whilst H still only works school hours (he has refused to go back to work full time since leaving his job in 2002 to be a house husband).

Sorry - long rang - very fed up - and absolutely knackered...

londonartemis Sat 24-Oct-09 22:23:31

Go up and give her a cuddle..Make the peace there and worry about your H later..

justsotired Sat 24-Oct-09 22:34:14

Thank you. I went up, she's OK - just sad. Why do we take it out on those we love most?

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